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Why We Are Special

We have a special type of resume format, which is both attractive and expertly well-written. This will grab the attention of the reader, be it a professional employer or a recruiter taking a look at your resume for the first time. We have a special mixed format of documents that we mix with the best elements of both resumes and CVs to make sure that you can present the necessary paper works and experience in a brief and easy to read way. We have hardworking expert resume writers with top experience in creating CVs that help you get that interview for your dream job in our team. Let’s be honest, the top resume writing services are becoming something of a shortage these days. Many top resume websites promise to offer these services to their respective customers, but fail to deliver professionally written documents. A resume writing service is best identified by individuals who truly understand the value of a resume as the document that gives the first impression. And as we all know, nobody gets a second chance or opportunity to make an impression with a possible job recruiter. While we know fully well that we are among the top resume writing services in the UK, we will never try to force ourselves on you or convince you of it. What we offer to you is that you will receive a refund if our services do not meet the quality of the documents that you require. Just to make you feel comfortable, we have not yet experienced a case where we issued such refund till date.

Top 10 Resume Writing Tips

1. Be More Professional

Write it like an expert. it is a business document whether you will admit to it or not, so it must be professional. Your resume is no place for jokes, pictures or phony email addresses. You might think you look wonderful in your picture or with your phony email - but trust us, this is not necessary for your resume. Please stick to the facts and always keep it professional.

2. Map out a plan

The more planned your resume look, the better your odds of having an interview. That’s why it is important to choose from the top professional resume writing services in order to assist you in spearheading your resume. Recruiters want to know what exactly you can offer their company. It is important that the professional writer polishes your resume according to the job position. All information that is not necessary must be deleted.

3. Make sure it’s well-written

A well-written document will make a better impression with your recruiter than a long text with no substance. Use positive action words like impacted, enhanced, efficient and accomplished. This will help to boost your resume. Furthermore, try to stay away from words like, hard worker, motivated and dependable. These words can do more damage than good to the resume as they are seen as adding no worth to the resume.

4. Self-Promotion

Do not forget that your resume is a promoting document, try to endorse and sell yourself! Don’t be afraid to speak about your skills, career achievements, and most of all your abilities. If you don’t tell the job recruiter, no one else will do it for you. Focus more on what you can offer the company rather than what the company can offer you. Showcase your skills, especially the one connected to the job. A job recruiter wants to know that you have the necessary skills required for that particular job.

5. Make it well structured

Always important to remember that every job is different, depending on the kind of job, make sure that your resume must stand out from others. Everything has to be precise according to the job. Ask yourself what job you are going for, does the resume meet up to the standard and requirement of the job? A resume that is well structured to a specific job that you want will show a job recruiter that you mean business and are serious about working for their company.

6. Remember: 100% Quality Over 100% Quantity

If you choose to seek help online regarding your resume or CV. We will advise you to only work with a reputable resume writing service that will assure to offer quality and not quantity. Remember your resume is not a life story. Please stick to the facts, don’t use unnecessary data. Let your skills, abilities, and experience do the talking, writing down things that are not true will damage the quality of the document.

7. Make it simple

Forget about stylish fonts or intelligent use of italics. Just keep it simple. Don’t forget that your resume is not meant to be a work of art to be displayed in an art shop or at a museum. This can be difficult to read, meaning it will end up in the trash before even being opened.

8. Have Correct spelling, Grammar, and punctuation

Every Microsoft word these days has spell check program - use it! Poor spelling and grammar will absolutely push your document in the trash. It is hard enough to make it to an interview room. Do not lose that job opportunity with basic spelling mistakes. Reread your resume and get someone else to do the same for you as well.

9. Make it consistent

Make it simple to read and be sure it is written in a simple way, well structured, reasonable and easy to glance through. Be consistent when writing your resume in the margins, fonts, and line spacing. Don’t be scared to highlight your skills and abilities with bold letters or a different style of font, but remember to always keep it simple. Because the consistency of a work shows professionalism.

10. Don’t Speak Of Money

Only if you were asked to, do not list money on it. Do not lose the job before you even think of having one because of money. Hope we did not miss anything? Did you think there are other tips that should have made this top ten list? If so, do not hesitate to contact us. Because we represent one of the leading top resume services out there, any feedbacks received from customers are important to our brand and company.